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Mascara del Dios Xitoc,oro azteca Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Mictlantecuhtli, figurilla, México antiguo

okina / nohmask

Nacer, vivir y morir (renacer)

endant-mask associated to the rituals of Aztec god Xipe Totec, Mexico Valley.

Central American Mythologies

escultura maya front

Aztec ArtThe people of the empire had an appreciation for a wide variety of insects, birds, fish and animals. A lot of their art reflected this. Jaguars, ducks, monkeys, snakes, deer, dogs - all these were common themes.

赤般若 | Akahannya

Masque mortuaire de Pacal, 684. 200 pièces de jade, obsidienne et coquillage. 43cm. Musée National d'Anthropologie, Mexico.

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