#Emil #Maurice was SS member No. 2 after Adolf Hitler and the leader of Hitler's first bodyguard detail. A close friend of the Leader from the old days, Maurice claimed a special position in Hitler's inner entourage. #Himmler (SS member No. 168) was deeply jealous of Maurice and tried to expel him from the SS because of Maurice's distant Jewish ancestry. The effort failed because of Hitler's personal intervention. Maurice survived the war and died in 1972.

Joachim von Ribbentrop was rumored to have pursued an active affair with Wallis Simpson; he was Foreign Minister of Germany from 1938 until 1945. He was later hanged for war crimes after the Nuremberg Trials.

Eastern Front: Air Field Marshal Baron Wolfram von Richthofen (right) and Colonel General Alexander Löhr in conversation at a forward airfield; undated. Richthofen survived the war but died in a US POW hospital in 1947. Löhr was sentenced to death by firing squad for giving the orders to bomb Belgrade, capital of Yugoslavia, without a declaration of war. He was shot on Feb 26, 1947.

Creepy! Joseph Goebbels glowers at photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in the garden of the Carlton Hotel during a League of Nations conference, Geneva, September 1933.

Adolf Hitler

Two SS officers and a guard dog , in the Janowska concentration camp . Janowska Poland between January 1942 and November 1943

The face of war

Karl Wahl (24 September 1892 – 18 February 1981) was the Nazi Gauleiter of Swabia from the Gau inception in 1928 until the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945. Wahl's own statement after the war was that "nobody could be found in Swabia who had personally been harmed by him", but makes no reference to the last 500 Jewish citizens of Augsburg, who disappeared in concentration camps in the years following the Kristallnacht, when the Augsburg Synagogue was destroyed.

SS officer Michael Wittmann

IWR Cartoon - Pat Buchanan Introduces Hermann Goering Line Of Clothing - Weekly Standard, Fox News, GOP, Republican

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