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BOZ条纹套 *This might just be a YUKI outfit. She's native Japanese and really into "casual cosplay." Though the pretty, almond-eyed nineteen-year-old never really gets the chance to 'dress up,' what with being a "kunoichi" (female ninja) and assassin of near-prodigal skill in the direct service of her powerful and influential grandfather, Nobunaga.*

首もとを綺麗に見せるポニーテール☆ -おしゃれ ポニーテールのアイデア一覧です☆

Excentrique boutique. I would totally wear these as a librarian be all kinds of awesome =3

Gothic Lolita. his reminds me of Ciel's dress, just red. So, it also reminds me of Madame Red

Mary Magdalene|砂糖菓子のような可憐な可愛らしさと、妖艶な小悪魔のような美しさとの二面性。少女服の甘いテイストをベースにボディラインを美しく描く優美なスタイルを提案します。