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Mansa Musa, a great ruler of the Mali Empire.

Golden Age of Spain during the Moorish’s conquest

moors in spain | Golden Age of Spain during the Moorish’s conquest | Blue Line

Atelier Katsumi / 町村勝己

illustration showing the oba(king) of the benin empire being visited by portugese ambassadors

Historical Figures You Didn't Know Were Black

Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Black

* Mansa Musa, King of Mali

Rainha de sabá

Shaka Zulu - African Emperor

Image Gallery | - Taharqa King of Nubia (710-664 BC) John Thomas Biggers (1924-2001) During his 25-year reign, Taharqa controlled the largest empire in ancient Africa. The numbers and majesty of his building projects were legendary with the greatest being the temple at Gebel Barkal in the Sudan.

Askia Muhammaed Toure King of Songhay (1493-1529) A devout Muslim, Askia “The Great” ruled and administered Songhay strictly according to Islamic law. He united the entire central region of the Western Soudan, and established a governmental machine that is still revered today for its detail and efficiency.