| MONK DESCENDING TEMPLE STEPS -- Light Breaks Through Clouds After a Morning Rain | This photograph on glass is a hundred years old, but looks like it could have been taken yesterday. The eye and heart of a good photographer is the same in any age. Ca.1900-1910 Hand-tinted Glass Lantern Slides sold by T. TAKAGI of KOBE. Photos attributed to KOZABURO TAMAMURA of Yokohama, who sold his negative stock and Kobe branch studio to Takagi. Takagi also published many…

reginasworld: Two Girls 1905 (by Blue Ruin1)

...I love the rain!

Sunrise in Yakushi-ji Temple, Nara, Japan

Lady in kimono at Heian-jingu shrine, Kyoto, Japan: photo by 92san 平安神宮 京都

Cuddling Jizo statues at Ohara Sanzen-in temple, Kyoto, Japan


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