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Jade harley x dave strider

Just a friendly reminder that it was Bec Noir that carried Jade's dead body to her quest bed. Good dog, best friend.

Fem Dirk Strider & Jake English - Homestuck. I'd like to do a genderbent Dirk cosplay!

I keep getting sidetracked from getting stuff done lately but here’s some Jade with Bec uvu

Karkat and Jade... Karley <3 ( made this because I amn't this talented)

Jake English -- Homestuck-- I love the quote! Its from one of my fave songs : volatile times :)

I know I've pinned this but hear me out ok so ya know like it's your born in August (me) your a Leo omg well if your born on a leap year your Huss !!!!!!>yes

Kurloz and Meulin!! <3