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Foot-Combat Armor of Prince-Elector Christian I of Saxony Anton Peffenhauser, 1525-1603 German, Augsburg



Man at Arms by Gatis Indrevics on 500px

Gilded plate armor with armet helmet.

Medieval armor, my "Blue Knights"

Foot-Combat Armor of Prince-Elector Christian I of Saxony

2011年10月: ワールド ビューティー(ハリウッドビューティから世界各国の美女たち)

The jousting armor of Dr. Tobias Capwell, scholar and warrior. A unique armour in the English style, circa 1440 - 1460, made of hardened and tempered medium carbon steel with rich gilt ornamentation and gilt chainmail.

Armor with the features of a tengu (tengu tōsei gusoku), by Kiyotoshi, Munekiyo, and Ryūsuiken, late Edo period, 1854. The astonishing helmet of this armor represents the head of the menacing creature tengu (karasu tengu) with its characteristic beak, golden eyes, and striking eyebrows. The chest armor and sleeves imitate human muscle structure. Atop the helmet is a small black hat resembling ones worn by mountain warrior-monks (yamabushi), practitioners of Shūgendō.

Armor, Germanic, c. 1480