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Graffiti at the Tower of London

Medieval image of tablet weaving loom, uncredited

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Pompeii Graffiti: The Artistic Language of Ancient Pompeii

Pompeii is a city filled with fascinating mystery and tragedy. The Pompeii graffiti at this ancient site will amaze you. Call 800.955.4418 to book today.

Japanese poet, KOBAYASHI Issa (1763-1828)'s death haiku poem "A bath when you're born / a bath when you die / how stupid" 盥から 盥へ移る ちんぷんかんぷん

the Hidden Masters of the Middle Ages, the Limbourg Brothers - YouTube - Their work is world famous and their influence was huge, but for a long time the artists themselves were virtually unknown. Even their home town has forgotten them. But no medieval paintings seem as familiair in our time as the works of the Limbourg Brothers. In more than 700 amazing miniatures they rendered an encyclopaedic picture of their world. This film gives a face to the artists that gave the Middle Ages a face.

Jonangu, Kyoto, Japan: photo by 92san

Site of the scaffold of Anne Boleyn's execution, May 19th, 1536 - the Tower of London. Note the "AB" made from red roses.

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Cambridgeshire church plague graffiti reveals 'heartbreaking' find

Plague graffiti, St Mary the Virgin, Sawston, Cambridgeshire saying Watton and 'miserere mei deus' (may God have mercy upon)