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The Rite

kinda creepy but quite confusing about the storyline

鬼使神差 (The Messengers )

1- 78 2- 78 These two are like a perfect couple; they fit so well together it's scary. Dechanel is really not my type, still she is so attractive that I'd take her in the second she asks :)

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Poster

"The problem with time, I've learned, whether it's those first two weeks I got to spend with you, or the final two months I got to spend with him, eventually time always runs out. I have no idea where you are out there in the world, John. But I understand that I lost the right to know these things long ago. No matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as ever was - I'll see you soon then." - Dear John (2010)

Insidious (2010)


500 Days of Summer is my favorite movie. The movie poser is awesome because it shows just the hair and accessories of the two main characters. It looks so simple but it is very beautiful.

28 Weeks Later(2007)邦題・・28週後..


The Others (2001) I have always loved ghost stories, and this film has easily become my favorite ghost story ever. It's like one of the great old black and white ghost stories but better. It takes you on a slow, and uncomfortable ride.