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Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight - Ma Yuan (1190-1225)

Drinking in the Moonlight, late 1100s-1st quarter 1200s Ma Yuan (Chinese) album leaf, ink on silk

宋 馬遠 乘龍圖 馬遠 (活動於1190-1224),河中(山西永濟)人,移居浙江錢塘。南宋光宗、寧宗朝(1190-1224)為畫院待詔,山水、人物、花鳥俱佳。 道教中的神仙們不受時空限制,逍遙自在,所謂「乘雲氣御飛龍,而遊乎四海之外。」幅中水墨渲染的雲層翻湧,閃光乍現,風雲起,雷聲響,仙人乘龍騰雲御風,長袍大袖與襟帶,鼓風飛掦,顯現神力,童子持杖隨行。筆法為馬遠特色的戰筆,筆意蒼老,其精謹風貌並未因年代久遠色彩褪去而稍減。

宋代 - 馬遠 - 觀瀑圖 Men Watching a Waterfall, Song dynasty (960–1279)

宋 徽宗 文會圖

Ma Yuan. Lettrés conversant sous un prunier bourgeonnant, début du XIIIe siècle. Éventail rond (monté comme feuille d’album), encre et couleurs sur soie. 23,4 x 25,2 cm. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts.

徽宗 Pigeon on a Peach Branch by Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty (1082–1135)

The sixth patriarch cutting the bamboo, by Liang Kai.

Landscape: Hills on the River mid-14th century Sheng Mou , (Chinese, ca. 1310-1360) - Yuan dynasty

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