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An image of Padmasambhava on an initiation card, Tibet, 19th Century. Padmasambhava is regarded as the founder of the Nyingma tradition. The Nyingma tradition is the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The Nyingma tradition actually comprises several distinct lineages that all trace their origins to Padmasambhava.

Vajravarahi: Dorje Phakmo, the Diamond Sow, a fierce aspect of Vajrayogini, regarded as the queen of the dancing, wrathful dakinis. Vajravarahi represents passion and compassion, and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from which all phenomena unfold. She appeared to Padmasambhava in The Rugged Forest of Parushakavana charnel ground, and blessed him.

Dancing dakini perhaps a perfected female deity holds the Buddhist wheel of wisdom -dharmachakra- in her right hand, flanked by golden fish and surmounted by a conch, symbols of auspiciousness. On paper from a larger sheet (now lost). 18th C. Tibet

Guru Padmasambhava 6" x 8" Ground Pigment and Gold on Cotton 2008 Private Collection Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, is said to have transmitted Tantric Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century. In Bhutan and Tibet he is better known as Guru Rinpoche followers of the Nyingma School regard him as the second Buddha.

The Fifth Karmapa, Dezhin Shegpa (1384-1415) Eastern Tibet, circa 18th century Paintings Mineral pigments and gold on cotton cloth Image: 31 1/16 x 17 1/16 in. (78.8 x 43.2 cm) Gift of Christian Humann (M.71.98.2)

arche Lamsel means dispelling obstacles on one's spiritual path. The teachings of Brache Lamsel is a "mind sadhana" of Guru Rinpoche in the form of hidden treasure teachings, terma, revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa, a great incarnate terton.

Tibetan monks playing the traditional long horn. The horns are used for religious, ceremonial and monastic purposes.

Heirinji Temple Bell by Toshi Yoshida, woodblock print, 1951 Japan

Tibetan sand mandalas are carefully, lovingly created by hand and then destroyed to show the impermanence of all things