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Gelede mask; carved of wood; in the form of human face with two short horns and two long horns, two human figures stretching between long horns, one animal standing on lower human figure with short horn in each front paw, bird? carved on outside of each long horn, human figure standing on back of head with arms reaching behind to grasp base of long horns; hair painted black, animal painted black with white spots, horns painted with black, white and brown stripes.

Mamiwata mask from Nigeria, Africa

小獅子. Kojishi . Noh mask

Japanese Noh mask 皺尉

Africa | Helmet mask "epa" from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Wood, polychrome paint | Used at "epa" celebrations, young men prove their skills and strength by carrying such high tapering and heavy masks on top of their heads, while dancing and jumping.

From Woyo family living in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, I will introduce a mask that has been subjected to paint a magical.

Nigeria - Angas Dance Society Mask (British Museum) Nigeria Angas people mid-20th century

Mask From The Igbo People Of Nigeria