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Like dropping coloring into a glass of water...

This tattoo gives the impression of ink being dropped into water. Love for possible background behind my other forearm tat.

"Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" — The Day the Earth Stood Still

花の花,フローラルツタ,将来の入れ墨,私が愛しました,支店,時間,···が欲しいです,引用,Tribal Vine

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65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo

I love watercolor tattoos. My first one will be a watercolor goldfish :)

どんなに寒くなって、君がいればあたたかいね。It doesn't matter how cold it is, when you are with me it's always warm. Cat Watercolor Tattoo #CatInk, #CatWatercolor, #PinkHeart