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@Kaellyn Marrs, Boots, and Marcos <3 I love you guys with all my heart

I still remember that night, sitting on his mom's couch as teenagers and he surprised me with that ring and told me he loved me. It was amazing because I loved him too <3 V+T <3

I dont normally pin quotes because they tend to be overused, generalized clich.. But the hopeless romantic in me had a hard time resisting this one itd be cute to have behind some photos in a scrapbook maybe??

Definitely applies to me!

So thankful for all the TONS of wonderful people around me! This weekends get together was a great reminder of that! People that are so sweet and loving and thoughtful and let me prove myself instead of lump me in with the last one. And ESPECIALLY grateful for my sweet sweet love and everything he is <3 #lovemylife #livinitup #confidenceinChrist

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Currenly i think of me, my heart is on me and i am finally livinvg for myself, not someone else.

The world would never be the same without you.