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doodle warm up by Blink2 on DeviantArt (Humanized!Smokescreen and Bumblebee in their Beast Hunter colors, and Humanized!Arcee and Knockout)

TFP : RC and Jack doodle by on @deviantART


Humanized Megatron and Optimus Prime by on @DeviantArt

ヒト化変圧器,変圧器の素晴らしさ,十字線の芸術,私️Transformers,キューティーズ3,アートのアイデア,Transformers Bayvers,Ideas 2,69 Tf065

Merry Christmas! by on @deviantART. They're all so cute! I love how Optimus is happy that Smokescreen is happy in a father like way! :D

Smokescreen: hug time!! Knockout; smokescreen get the frag away from me!!!

TFP - Watch the rear by Rosey-Raven on deviantART

「TFログ」/「MC09」の漫画 [pixiv]

TFA - Snowball by on @DeviantArt

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