Joyce Chen has captured her ten-year-old Maltese terrier Toby wearing various hipster style outfits

He is wearing a SWEATER, people. Come ON.

Ein by Terry #Miniature #Schnauzer

Dressing up Toby doesn't come cheap however with Joyce spending between $30-80 (£21-56) on an outfit

Mini Schnauser

"I wear clothes, she calls them outfits? #dogs #pets #Chihuahuas

Awww! I'm pretty sure that's a Keiko dog too. (She's a Mini Schnauzer) :) | Mini Schnauzers are the best doggies!!!

Joyce added that strangers are always quite surprised at how young Toby looks for his age


Here Toby jazzes up an outfit with a bow tie and a colorful pair of socks

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