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Cathedral of Our Lady of Strassburg... Love the Gargoyles

Gargoyles at Sunset.. notre dame

妖怪提灯お化け Yokai Chochin Obake (Lantern Ghost) Yōkai (妖怪?, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "mysterious" and "weird".------ #japan #japanese #yokai

Cleopatra's underwater palace, Egypt

Dragon on the Neues Rathaus, München/New Town Hall, Munich, Germany; this part of the building is called the Wurmeck ('Dragon/Worm Corner'); the dragon association may be due to a fabled plague-causing lindworm killed there or to the heraldic arms of the Schönecker family, who once had a house on the site. (Photo by Martin Parr, via fmfy)