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I don't understand why people so easily confuse these two but then again I am an…

I do this with my oboe all the time. all the time!!! especially my reed. How many reeds have I broken like this? idk, too many to count

Well, your ghost better get its butt back to the band room pronto then...

This would be a funny idea for my old bassoon reeds too.

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Music makes the world go round (24 photos)

Music makes the world go round

Oboe Barbie...I'm dying. In a bad way.

To truly enjoy & appreciate all of the art of music, each song, each musician, each tune, each second & each minute that make the song & each performance it's a matter of opening up and allowing not just your ears but use all senses to appreciate the true beauty the art of music gives. Truly enjoying music is like opening up truly to allow someone to love you & letting your true emotions out, otherwise you are not truly letting love in & giving your true ability to love <3=<3