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demonlucy-chan: My art~AquariumStuck~! Bro and Dave. Then Bro and Davesprite. <3 <3


#Hangouts (some time open drawing Live) #homestuck art #fantroll art and gift #aquariumstuck art...

Aquariumstuck Bee - Part 3 by ketolic on DeviantArt

Homestuck: 8ad gills by PunPuniChu on DeviantArt

Aquariumstuck.: Hey, Chief by Darkeur

I really like this! Shipped!

Aquariumstuck Bee - Part 1 by ketolic on DeviantArt

Aquariumstuck Bee - Part 2 by ketolic on DeviantArt

I agree <-- eh, well, Hufflepuff at least is spot on. I would switch Aradia and Terezi, because Aradia is incredibly brave and saves her friends on multiple occasions and we have ample evidence of how clever Terezi is. I have no idea why Gamzee is in Gryffindor, that is literally the worst possible house for his personality. He would probably be in Hufflepuff, or if not, Slytherin. Dave is a Gryffindor, no question. And I think Equius would be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, depending on your…