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Shippity ship ship shipppppp I support Rosemary <3 <--- I just. I can't. I love these two so much. Asdfghjkllhgdsdfchggvgug

MSPA: It's Been a Long Day. by ~Skepsisfox on deviantART So many RoseMary feels omg. I am so very very.

Mituna and Nepeta


((Little Maid! Grub! Eridan is so cute! He reminds me of Chibitalia.))

Hey, Dave? I don't ship them but Dave's eyes are really too pretty not to pin it

笛吹けども踊らず : Photo

Alcoholic Pineapple Farmer

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin / aot / snk | Connie Springer x Sasha Braus/Blouse / Springles | Anime manga couple | OTP

Karkat and Kanaya Meowrails YES I SHIP IT **Always my favorite pale ship with Karkat. Solkat is second.**