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This was my first pin, I really like the emotion in the facial features and I see it as a poor creature who is force to sit in this location for eternity.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Strassburg... Love the Gargoyles

Gargoyle Door Knocker~ I bet I could make something like this out of Femo clay.

Japan - 日本橋 麒麟像 , Gargoyle on Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo

little gargoyle that reminds me of Bis in "The Hollows" book series by Kim Harrison

Ominugui お身ぬぐい - Monks and volunteers clean a year's worth of grime from the head of the 15-meter-tall statue of Buddha at Todaiji temple in Nara, Japan. The annual sprucing up of the statue completed in the year 752 is known as Ominugui" (Wiping of the body). In total, 110 monks and others usually take on the duties.

Gargoyle. Were placed for protection as evil would see it, and believing the presence of evil was already there, would then move on. They were used for protection.

Gargoyle or something