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Fallschirmjäger in Creta

i don't colour photos much anymore and haven't in sometime but i thought id colour this young fallschirmjäger soldier

German soldiers fighting off a Russian attack during the Battle of Stalingrad, c1942. The soldier on the left is using an MG34 light machine gun. (Colourised by Doug)

Waffen-SS soldiers in the field.

A German infantry squad in an unknown location during the opening phase of Operation Barborossa, c1941. (Colourised by Doug)

Major Fritz Prager. Born in December 1905 and died in December 1940 was a member of the Fallschirmjäger.

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A Fallschirmjager Obergefreiter spotted without his smock cleaning his 7.92mm Gewehr 41 semi-auto rifle in the hedgerows of Saint-Lô, France 1944

Colourised Photos from the Second World War - Imgur

Horst Trebes (right) with W. Gericke in July 1941.- The Massacre of Kondomari (Greek: Σφαγή στο Κοντομαρί) refers to the execution of male civilians from the village of Kondomari in Crete by an ad hoc firing squad consisting of German paratroopers on 2 June 1941 during World War II.[1] The shooting was the first of a series of reprisals in Crete. It was orchestrated by Generaloberst Kurt Student, in retaliation for the participation of Cretans in the Battle of Crete which had ended with the…