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Fallschirmjäger in Creta

Fallschirmjäger - Nettuno, Italy - 1943

A Fallschirmjager Obergefreiter spotted without his smock cleaning his 7.92mm Gewehr 41 semi-auto rifle in the hedgerows of Saint-Lô, France 1944

German Forces Arnhem Sept. 1944 Op. Market Garden (NSFW) - Imgur

Germany's"mechanized army" began WW2 with a half-million horses. Each infantry division had its own cavalry battalion

i don't colour photos much anymore and haven't in sometime but i thought id colour this young fallschirmjäger soldier

Una columna de vehículos de una de las Divisiones Panzer que participó en la…

A group of Fallschirmjäger (German paratroopers) are examining a captured M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun in Tunisia, sometime during mid-1943.

A late Panzer III (5 cm) Ausf. H on dusty road, somewhere on Eastern front. 4 crew members get some fresh air...