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Minoan Prince, from Ancient Knossos fresco, Crete - Greece

Fresco from Knossos palace, Minoan

Saffron gatherer in fresco from Akrotiri, Thera. As you can clearly see here, Minoan women wore belts to hold up their culotte-like pants and their skirts. Also, they were the first civilization to wear corset-like metal belts underneath if their clothes to emphasize the waist on both women and men. This is the link for the original picture.

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Old door in Achlada, Crete, Greece

gold lion bead.jpg from Minoan necklace

Court with staircase reconstructed by Sir Arthur Evans: Leading to the southeast residential quarter, palace complex, Knossos, Crete. Hall is supported by uniquely Minoan-type wood columns that became standard in Aegean palace architecture. The top of the columns that supported the massive roof beams and a broad flattened capital was wider that the bottom. Was arranged around a central space (rather that along a long axis)