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ROOT BEER REVIEW, Capt'n Eli's Root Beer: A wildly rooty and spicy aroma. Pours foamy with a decent head. Intial flavor is only moderately sweet, and it has a strong kick of wintergreen. Some licorice, nutmeg (or maybe it's cinnamon?) and a hint of vanilla are all present in the aftertaste. Fans of wintergreen/birch flavor might like this captain's brew.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Sea Dog Old Style Root Beer: Spicy, rooty aroma. Nice foamy head. Initial flavor is an herbally wintergreen base with a sweet, cinnamony or molasses character to it. Aftertaste features a hint of licorice, but the earlier spicy sweetness carries over too. Yummy. An enjoyable root beer taste experience that stands out from others.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Boots Sarsaparilla Root Beer: Rooty and herbal aroma. Pours a medium head of foam. Candy sweet, with a pleasing, rooty wintergreen flavor. The aftertaste adds a cinnamony note. The leftover foamy froth at the bottom of the bottle is sugary and delicious. Yummy but quite sweet.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Olde Brooklyn "Williamsburg" Root Beer: Rooty and spicy aroma. Wonderful head of thick and lasting foam. Sweet, with strong licorice and clove flavors. A creamy note in the aftertaste. Once the sweetness subsides, the flavors that linger have a chemical, synthetic quality to them. A disappointing finish to an otherwise good brew.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Old Red Eye Root Beer: Slight vanilla aroma from the bottle. A somewhat medicinal aroma once poured. No foamy head. Initial flavor is a suitably sweet, sarsaparilla-type root beer, with a nice, rooty wintergreen presence. Somewhat flattish, but still delicious. Well after the swallow comes a warm and satisfying vanilla flavor. TASTED.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Virgil's "Special Bavarian Nutmeg Edition" Root Beer: Licorice aroma with a medicinal, spicy initial flavor; not very sweet. Strong licorice/anise aftertaste lingers like my grandpa's mouthwash. All-natural ingredients. The old-style 16.9 ounce stoppered bottle is a nice, nostalgic touch. TASTED

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Earp's Original Sarsaparilla: Rooty, minty aroma. The pour is low on suds. A moderately sweet initial flavor with a wintergreen zip (no hint of creaminess, which is proper for a sarsaparilla). A little sweeter in the aftertaste, with a slightly medicinal finish. A nice, traditional brew. TASTED

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Barrel Brothers Root Beer: Creamy aroma (think cake frosting!). Pours foamy. Essentially a cream soda/root beer hybrid, this drink has a very sweet, cream soda-like initial flavor with only subtle rootiness. Strong vanilla aftertaste. If you prefer your root beer with max vanilla flavor, then Barrel Bros might be worth a try.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Red Arrow Root Beer: Light carbonation with a mildly rooty aroma. Initial flavor is quite sweet but still pleasing; not-too-creamy, not-too-herbal. Aftertaste hints at licorice and some kind of fruity or woodsy mystery flavor (cherry maybe?). All-in-all, this is a good brew. TASTED

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Saint Arnold Root Beer: Lightly carbonated with a straightforward root beer aroma. Moderately rooty initial flavor has moments of sweetness that are almost bubblegum-like. A slightly wintergreen aftertaste (similar to birch beer) provides a little complexity. Pretty good stuff!