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ROOT BEER REVIEW, Capt'n Eli's Root Beer: A wildly rooty and spicy aroma. Pours foamy with a decent head. Intial flavor is only moderately sweet, and it has a strong kick of wintergreen. Some licorice, nutmeg (or maybe it's cinnamon?) and a hint of vanilla are all present in the aftertaste. Fans of wintergreen/birch flavor might like this captain's brew.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Boots Sarsaparilla Root Beer: Rooty and herbal aroma. Pours a medium head of foam. Candy sweet, with a pleasing, rooty wintergreen flavor. The aftertaste adds a cinnamony note. The leftover foamy froth at the bottom of the bottle is sugary and delicious. Yummy but quite sweet.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Frostop Premium Root Beer: Mildly rooty aroma. Impressive head of foam at first pour, settles to a nice ring of suds. Initial flavor is almost too sweet, but decently rooty. Slightly medicinal, with a sweet licorice note in the aftertaste. Not as creamy as advertised.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Thomas Kemper Root Beer: Aroma is mildly rooty with a hint of clover (perhaps indicative of the northwest honey that is in the recipe). The sweet, herbal initial flavor coats the tongue nicely, but then breaks down into an unpleasantly synthetic aftertaste.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Sea Dog Old Style Root Beer: Spicy, rooty aroma. Nice foamy head. Initial flavor is an herbally wintergreen base with a sweet, cinnamony or molasses character to it. Aftertaste features a hint of licorice, but the earlier spicy sweetness carries over too. Yummy. An enjoyable root beer taste experience that stands out from others.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Towne Club Root Beer: Mildly rooty aroma. Looks almost flat during the pour. Rather mild initial flavor. No bite. Becomes sweeter, with a nice vanilla note, the longer it's allowed to linger on the palate. The aftertaste is even sweeter still. A little more rooty flavor would be nice. Comes in a clear bottle.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Berghoff Draft Style Root Beer: Slight vanilla aroma. Initial flavor is rich and rooty, and remarkably not so sweet. The presence of yucca extract in this recipe brings a noticeable maltiness and creaminess. Aftertaste has similarities to vanilla cola. Could stand to be a little bit sweeter, but this is still a quality beverage.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer: Mildly rooty aroma. Bubbly but not particularly foamy (despite frothy head depicted on the label). Moderately sweet initial flavor with a nice dose of rootiness. Something slightly medicinal in the aftertaste, but not overbearingly so. Just an 'okay' brew.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Hank's Gourmet Root Beer: Mildly rooty aroma with an essence of vanilla. Pours a nice head of foam. Quite sweet with a rich, creamy flavor. Aftertaste features prominent vanilla and caramel notes. A little more rootiness would be nice. Would make a very good after-dinner or dessert root beer.

ROOT BEER REVIEW, Sioux City Root Beer: Another beverage in the Sioux City brand. This root beer is very similar to their Sarsaparilla offering. Same burnt sugar aroma. Same moderately foamy head. Very sweet, though perhaps not quite as toothachingly sweet as the Sarsaparilla. The aftertaste has a rooty zip that seems rather artificial in flavor.