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Day 323:Stormed through the final translation project.Took the Nissan Leaf back to the workshop and ordered one for the end of January.Completed my work and went to the gym to swim.Caught up on some correspondence and plodded on with photo editing.Worked on African safari itineraries for next year – looking good!The Beer Bohemian Rhapsody from CAP Brewery of Bro, Sweden.This is wonderful – I’m not sure it really is a Czech Pilsener in style but who cares when it tastes this good?

Day 10: I had some work to do today - even with today being a Saturday - so got that out of the way first. Next I headed to town to do a few errands. One of these was to visit Vinmonpolet to buy a few new beers.I ended up with four new ones for the diary - starting with this one here.And I went to the gym again - not bad, eh? The beer: Name: Magic Stone Dog Saison Pale Ale hybrid from BrewDog, Scotland

Day 65:Time to leave Berlin for home; but not before breakfast and some photography.Returned to an old haunt of mine for the most important meal of the day, took some pictures of the formerly seedy area by Bahnhof Zoo that is being demolished – another piece of history disappears - then made the most of the ultra-short transfer time with a taxi to Tegel.Slightly stressful journey back but eventually relaxed with a Norwegian beer…Nakenbad from Atna Øl

Day 104: Diary entry - My last beer diary entry from Norway from a while – tomorrow I’ll be en route to Africa! Today I broke my own personal record by packing more than 24 hours before my trip. Impressed? You should be – I generally pack a couple of hours before my taxi to the airport arrives… Anyway I really needed to make sure I could get everything in my bags and after a little repacking I think I should still be okay. Did a last bit of shopping for safari, then took it easy – with a…

Day 3: Snow returned with a vengeance today so the first thing after breakfast was to clear the drive. We had a good 10cm to shift; and I do love using the snow blower…Spent the rest of the afternoon sorting photos from Berlin and began editing a hotel walkthrough clip. And then–believe it or not–I went to the gym again.Kind of spoiled it by all the cake we had after dinner at my mother-in-law’s... The beer: Hitachino Real Ginger Ale, Kiuchi Brewery, Ibaraki, Japan #grownupbeerdiary

Day 255:Up for breakfast and to start the journey home.The new direct route between Barcelona and Trondheim meant a fast trip too.Back to fine weather so a nice drive from the airport.Good to be home but looking forward to my next time in Catalonia.I had a few beers saved for my return so started with this one.The Beer:Sagene Lys Sommer from Sagene Bryggeri of Oslo, Norway.This was refreshing but otherwise nothing so special – a little light for my taste.

Day 294:A slightly better day today.Started well in terms of work with a couple of quick projects arriving before breakfast.Felt a little better too.Ventured as far as the shop but only in the car.Hit the sofa and watched some Seinfeld reruns.The Beer:Buckwheat White Beer from Mongozo of The Netherlands at Huyge Brewey of Melle, Belgium.This beer seems be the fairest, healthiest ever – made from fair trade rice, organic and gluten-free. Unfortunately it’s a little flat, but never mind.

Day 15:Hmm, not a huge improvement in my ‘arbeidslyst’ today either.Mind you, did get an interesting press trip offer.Nothing confirmed and it will mean changing plans in January.But if it comes through it would be a great start to 2016.Too full at the gym to swim but had a lengthy sauna.The Beer:St. Niklaus from 7 Fjell Bryggeri of Bergen, Norway.Lots of taste and very good for a store beer. Can’t help wondering how great it would be with more alcohol though…

Day 267:Things moved a bit faster today.In the right direction, as well… Decent new translation job came in as well as more blog stuff.Took a trip to the gym to swim then back at it.New website actually nearing completion – not too bad, either.The Beer:Far Skyline from Buxton Brewery of Buxton, England.Considering that Berliner Weisse is not one of my favourite types of beer, this had bad odds; but it was actually quite good.

Day 59:With one day left before Berlin I had to devote most of it to work.So this particular Saturday saw we translating with only a brief break for the gym.Armed with my now-updated pulse belt I figured it might be a little easier.That theory went out the window – the numbers may be accurate but it’s just as hard to get ‘into the zone’Packed and cracked open a home brew before getting a relatively early night: Johnny Weissmuller from Lian Kjøkkenbryggeri