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☀ one of the most beautiful islands in the world, The Island of the Sea and the Sun, Earth of the most beautiful sunsets, the only island where they joined three races to create history, history Boriqua, I'm proud of my country, my people, my tongue, I'm West Indian, Caribbean and Puerto Rican Wherever I stand with my head held high, I'm Puerto Rican☀

Tainos a great ilustration of how this great people live and work

"Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World" is a major accompanying publication, to Caribbean: Crossroads of the World. It will serve as a resource for the study of early modern and contemporary Caribbean history, art, and culture. Edited by Deborah Cullen and Elvis Fuentes and co-published by Yale University Press, it features texts by leading scholars, curators, artists and public intellectuals. #elmuseo #elmuseodelbarrio #caribbeancrossroads #museummile #elbarrio #caribbean…

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela, Puerto Rico: Island Sunset

Tito Puente. Puerto Rican culture. If you don't know, Slap yourself then Google him.

Tainos, Puerto Rico 1903

france bookstore aix en provence

s-Taino warrior

There's some things only Boricuas can understand. That's why we created this shirt! The perfect GIFT for a Puerto Rican Not Sold in Stores! Ships within 3 business days. Estimated delivery within 6-9

Who I am. I have all three in my blood, but most people will simply label me Puerto Rican. That's cool.