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Runway Butt- Victoria's Secret Runway Ready Workout

VSX Train Like an Angel: Runway Core Workout

The 30 Day Plank Challenge

VSX Arms workout

#TLAA Workout-Runway Legs

Miranda Kerr Butt Workout: Victoria Secret Series. Make my booty smaller!

The 3-Week Plan

Follow the 21-day plan below. Every other day is a rest day to give your muscles a chance to rebuild and become stronger. If the exercise does one leg at a time, do that number of reps on each side. So for the first exercise, the single-leg squat, you'll be doing eight reps on each side for a total of 16 reps. After each day's workout, stretch your glutes by doing the Figure Four.:

Strong Core Circuit Workout ||

Strong Core Circuit Workout ||

AI stretching does what stretching is supposed to do; it transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxins so recovery is faster. It also works as a deep massage technique because it activates muscle fibres during the actual stretch. Hold each stretch for 2 seconds.