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The tree of sparrow.

高さ30メートルの「火の竜巻」 40分間持続―豪アリス・スプリングズ郊外 "Tornado of fire" of 30 meters height sustained for 40 minutes - suburban Alice Springs Australia

Y + M設計事務所は郊外の京都の家の周りにひさしをラップ

A Rare Fire Tornado Sprung Up In Missouri

Thankfully, they rarely form into full-blown tornadoes however they are still incredibly destructive, especially if they occur amidst wild fire.

Australia- " I May Look ' Kind of Cool ' Barrow Island, But I'M About To Eat Yr. Airport "

Smeared skies, Lake Ontario, Canada

For every trial, trouble or danger, God has a promise of care and protection, if we believe, and if it is His will for our own good! Amazing Adventures


Great Smoky Mountains National Park; love a day to take photos there!

Mountains Touch