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A victorious Israeli convoy in Egypt during the Six-Day War. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images). 8th June 1967

Daily Express newspaper photographer Terry Fincher on a parachuting exercise. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Express/Getty Images). 15th October 1965

Panzer DB on

Mid-production version of the Jagdpanther.

An Egyptian tank in the Sinai desert knocked out in an Israeli pre-emptive attack during the Six-Day War. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Getty Images). 1967

19 February 1968: A wounded American soldier being attended to during the Vietnam war. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images)

A burnt out Syrian (Soviet T34/85) tank in the path of the Israeli advance, following the Six Day War in the Middle East (5-10th June). (Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images). 13th June 1967

Israeli Centurion tank corps prepare for battle during the Six-Day War. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images). June 1967

The Six-Day War: Photos from a Short, Bloody Conflict

Wounded Egyptian soldiers help rest on each other after being captured by Israeli forces during the Six-Day War, June 9, 1967.

The Six-Day War: Photos from a Short, Bloody Conflict

Israeli troops celebrate their victory in the Six-Day War, June 1967. The legacy of the war would reverberate into the 21st century, with all calls for a peace with the Palestinians referring to Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Don McCullin The Six Day War. An Israeli paratrooper near the Wailing Wall during the assault on Jerusalem. 1967, June