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Vintage Christmas Collage Sheet #101

デコパージュジュエリー,アートデコパージュ,変更された芸術,重量厚紙,クリスマスコラージュ,クリスマス2016,ビンテージクリスマス,ロマンチック,Project Altered

I'm a big fan of this breakdown on Santa. I appreciated the idea behind Santa as a child, but this letter from a child's parents just smashes the nail on the head for me. I dislike the idea of "robbing" the magic of Christmas from my children with "the truth", but with a message like this I don't feel as though I have to anymore. Awesome.

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Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Turn on the tea light and the "flame" becomes the snowman's carrot nose!

Tissue Decoupage Paper and Collage Sheet, Gold Candle

As we were told in the book of Genesis, the Lord God would provide the Lamb...


How to Make Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

A festive craft the kids will enjoy making and the the birds will love! A homemade birdseed Christmas ornament is inexpensive and exactly what your naked, winter tree needs.

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Vintage Botanical Flower Images Collage Sheet


Vintage Christmas Bottle cap images