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Proud Scottish Enlightenment Selfie! David Martin (1737-1797), 1760, was a British painter and engraver. Born in Fife, he studied in London and Italy, before gaining a reputation as a portrait painter. Martin painted over 300 portraits in his lifetime. One of the earliest independent ones is the 1767 one of Benjamin Franklin (now in the White House, Washington, DC). His most influential works depict Scottish Enlightenment figures like the chemist Joseph Black and the philosopher David Hume.

Work in Progress Selfie! George Romney (26 December 1734 – 15 November 1802), c.1760, English portrait painter. He was the most fashionable artist of his day, painting many leading society figures - including his artistic muse, Emma Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson.

Edward Burne-Jones, c1886, Study ‘St Mary Magdalen

painting glass and reflection well is soooo amazing.

A Pleasant Corner, John Callcott Horsley (1817 - 1907)


Analytic Geometry -- "I Think, therefore I am.."

The philosopher René Descartes created the human identity formula we still use today. He said: 'I think therefore I am!' YURIT asks the next question: 'How do I make a thought?' Want to know more check

Paul Sandby - Horse Fair on Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh, 1750, Watercolour over graphite.