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Here some closeup details of the hair on main characters. Using 4k high-res capture. Here are some features we used to create the volumetric look of the hair, realtime in-game: 1. Using baked shadow map and wrap diffuse to fake the shadow. It helps us to get the feeling of depth and volume of the hair. 2. Scatter is really important for blonde hair to look right. It’s because the lights scatter between hair strands. We can’t afford ray-tracing, of course, so we approached the similar…

ArtStation - Uncharted 4 Characters' Fur Material, Yibing Jiang

ArtStation - Uncharted 4 Characters' Hair, Yibing Jiang

Ke(@comaccow_ke)さん | Twitter

Character Shading for Nathan Drake island outfit: Uncharted 4, Yibing Jiang on ArtStation at

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How do I create skin details in ZBrush?

Fatal Seeker(フェイタルシーカー) | ゲームUIブログ

ArtStation - Uncharted 4 Characters' Skin Material, Yibing Jiang