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Komodo Dragon. Besides being the largest lizard on the planet, they are one of a relative few venomous lizards, including the Gila Monster. Komodo Dragons have been known to bring down water buffalo by biting them and then following them for days waiting for them to die!

^Endangered Tree Kangaroo With Baby In Pouch

A hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) portrait captured at Lake Panic in Kruger NP in South Africa.

こんばんわっ今回は、前回に続き、おサルさんの露天風呂レポートですいい湯だね~ ここのおサルさんは本当に人間を何とも思っていません。 ご覧の様に、人間のそばを普…

Fun fact: The Hippopotamus is Africas deadliest animal! #Fact

かわうそ初心者のブログ | つくみイルカ島 ピース君とトレーナーさん

Bactrian camel* Artiodactyla * camelidae*