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吉兆八方位だるま 誠孝作|Japanese Matryoshka doll 8つのだるまが一つに! 八方位から幸運を集めます。




ハンドペイント金太郎 Kintarō is a folk hero from Japanese folklore. A child of superhuman strength.Kintarō doll on Children's Day in the hope that boys will become equally brave and strong.

こけし・ずきんちゃん by 卯三郎の孫


ピンもと:「colocal コロカル」ローカルを学ぶ・暮らす・旅する

青いダルマ、こけしが大評判!渋谷ヒカリエにて「仙台・東北の出張 手しごと展」開催中

8TV/050 仙台・東北の 出張 手しごと展 手とてとテ×東北STANDARD. 仙台・東北の 出張 手しごと展 手とてとテ×東北STANDARD 2014年1月23日(木) - 2014年1月26日(日) 手とてとテ 東北STANDARD - 8/TV/050 仙台・東北の 出張 手しごと展 手とてとテ×東北STANDARD CREDIT Executive Creative Director : Kenmei Nagaoka (D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT) Creative Director : Shin Sasaki (3KG) Producer : Mitsuko Matsuzoe (D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT) Director : Hirotatsu Koarai Interview : Hirotatsu Koarai…

Kokeshi dolls. Some historians argue that these were intially analogues for lost children either through failed pregnancies or infanticide which was a common practice throughout Japanese history. This would be because of the similarity of the word Keshi (erase)  and Ko (child). Though others argue it is simply Ko (child) and Keshi (doll).Because the historical origins are disputed kokeshi don’t have any particular kanji associated with them and simply use the hiragana こけし. It’s likel