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French Imperial Guard Vol.3 Cavalry 1804-1815

Vivandieres had an interesting role in the American Civil War. These brave women traveled with soldiers as mascots or nurses; there are even cases where they fought alongside their male counterparts. A vivandiere could provide creature comforts to the soldiers. Officially during the Civil War, the term Vivandiere is usually applied only to women who served with Zouaves. The term “Vivandiere”, is derived from a mixture of French and Latin, which literally means “hospitalit...

SOLDIERS- Conrad: NAP- French: Gendarmes Standard Bearer 1804, by Pierre Conrad.

French; 4th Line Infantry, NCO Fourriers, 1805

French; Imperial Guard, Gendarme d'Elite, Brigadier & Gendarme á Cheval, Foot Patrol of the Camp de Boulogne, 1804

Dragon de la Garde impériale

French Campaign of Egypt 1798

French; 9th Cuirassiers, Trumpeter & Cuirassier 1806-07

Favourite cavalry unit of the French Imperial Guard - Page 6 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

an officer of the French Hussars #Hussar #jacket #uniform