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Anhalt; Infantry Battalion 1809-13 アンハルト;歩兵大隊

Spanish Light Infantry 1st Volunteers of Aragon 1808-15

Portugese Legion.The Legion was created by direct order of Napoleon from the 12 November 1807. It started to be organized in February, 1808, with the best units of the disbanded Portuguese Army, including the elite Legion of Light Troops. It left to Salamanca in April 1808, crossing Spain until arriving in France. During the crossing of Spain, many legionnaires defected, returning to Portugal and joining the Portuguese resistance against the French occupation.

Duchy of Warsaw;Poniatowski Guides 1809.

Troupes de Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1808-1814

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Titre de l'image 2ème Bataillon du 78ème Régiment d'Infanterie grenadiers

Titre de l'image 1er Escadron du 5ème Régiment de Hussards compagnie d élite

Studio "Siberia" forum --- Forum: Napoleonic wars / Наполеоновские войны --- Thread: <B>THE ASSAULT ON STRALSUND 1809</B>

French Hussar- by Edouard Detaille