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Fanart by Usuratonkachi_:3!

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Naruto Shippuden Shikamaru Poster Portrait Anime Official Japan | eBay

Kakashi-sensei is showing us how to use Rasengan.

naruto uzumaki...its official, I wish he were real....he be MIIINNNEEEE

Wittle angry Jiriya with Toad Boss chillin' behind him. So cute!

...<3 meu menino corajoso #UzumakiNaruto #UchihaSasuke #NarutoShippuden


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The latest media Tweets from 椅子 (@mogusuke). 成人済。刀剣乱舞の一期一振沼在住、つるいち病。でもみんな好き★成人済みの方とご一緒させてもらっています。相互のお別れはブロックでお願いします

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