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India launches its biggest ever rocket: Capsule onboard the mighty GSLV Mk-III could one day carry astronauts into space

Einstein at the space station, a sleeping black hole and sledging on Mars – in pictures

Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin took part in 'extravehicular activity' at the International Space Station on 24 June. During the spacewalk, which lasted six hours and 34 minutes, Yurchikhin and cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin replaced an ageing control panel for the cooling system of the Russian Zarya module. They also installed clamps for power cables in preparations for a new laboratory module. Photograph: ISS/NASA

Salyut 7 (Russian space station was in orbit from April 1982 to February 1991) photographed from Soyuz T-13, a Russian spacecraft. | Gemini 8 Launched by Titan Booster | <b>Full Description:</b> A Titan booster launched the Gemini 8 spacecraft on March 16, 1966 from launch complex 19 Cape Kennedy, Florida. The flight crew for the 3 day mission, astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and David R. Scott, achieved the first rendezvous and docking to Atlas/Agena in Earth orbit. <b>UID:</b> SPD-MARSH-9141927

NASA History Office on

#Now in 1993 is launch of Shuttle Endeavour for STS-57, 1st SPACEHAB mission

First Secretary Tarun Kumar, Indian High Commission in Canberra (Australia), CDSCC Director Dr Ed Kruzins, CSIRO, and Indian Deputy High Commissioner to Australia Surinder Kumar Datta at the Deep Space Station 43 on 24 September, 2014, as it communicates with ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission shortly before it enetered the Mars orbit

Last flight of Atlantis and the Space Shuttle program.

THE ISRO MISSION - The Indian Space Research Organization


H-IIA Launch Vehicle - JAXA

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