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Pokémon - 040 Wigglytuff art by 冬嗣くず (Pixiv)

Pokémon - 658 Greninja art by 10R (Pixiv)

Pokémon - 714 Noibat [Shiny] art by 10R (Pixiv)

Pokémon Gijinka's - Imgur - blastoise

Froslass gijinka

Pokémon Gijinka's - Imgur - plusle

Espeon - Pokémon GijinkaDex - Imgur

Pokémon - 655 Delphox art by Udune (Zerochan)

Over 160 Pokémon Gijinkas. Gijinka is the Japanese meaning of "humanoid," "personification." or "anthropomorphic." Rather than referring to just any animal with human characteristics, a gijinka is most often a fan re-design of an animal-like character in a human or humanoid form. The characters often seem to wear a cosplay of the base character rather than having real animal features. There is no real guideline where gijinka ends and anthropomorphism begins.

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