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troye sivan and tyler oakley | HAHAHA Tyler Oakley youtubers troye sivan invisibilitycl0ak •

Troye is literally me.

Tyler Oakly and Troye Sivan "Im a pineapple"

gifak-net: [video

The reactions of the other people XD < when he does it on the path the guy looks like he's about to just turn around and walk off and on the train there's a guy putting a shirt on his head...?

Can we please just talk about this tweet between Tyler oakley and troye sivan haha

Tyler and Connor everyone

よこ on

Nice humanization, #Zootopia

Caught cheating…

Haha PHIL! :)

matthew gray gubler. So cute when he plays the piano. Love the episode in criminal minds where he plays the piano with the kid.