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公試中の航空母艦『信濃』(昭和19年11月 木更津沖) IJN Aircraft Carrier - "Shinano"

73000 ton, 18 in Japanese super battleship Yamato during trials in 1941. She was sunk by sustained air attacks in April 1945.

Rocketumblr | 小林誠  Makoto Kobayashi 宇宙戦艦ヤマト 復活篇  Space...

16 in Nagato, the only Japanese battleship to survive WW2 reasonably intact. Admiral Yamamoto's flagship during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, she was sacrificed during US nuclear tests in 1946.

航空母艦 龍驤 Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Ryujo

Japanese Aircraft Carrier Kaga scuttled on the 4th June 1942 during the battle of Midway. The wreck was located in 1999 although the main part of her hull has not been found.

セガ プレミアムフィギュア/艦これ)赤城 一航戦/未開封 箱イタミ

JIN Ashigara (足柄) - incrociatore pesante Classe Myōkō - Varata 1929 - Caratteristiche generali Dislocamento 10.160 t Lunghezza 204 m Larghezza 17 m Pescaggio 5,8 m Velocità 35,5 nodi (65,7 km/h) Autonomia 8.000 n.mi. a 14 nodi (15.000 km a 26 km/h) Equipaggio 773 - Affondata l'8 giugno 1945 dal sommergibile HMS Trenchant nello stretto di Bangkain

改装公試運転中の戦艦扶桑型『山城』 (昭和9年12月14日 館山沖標柱) Dec.14,1934: Battleship "Yamashiro" on sea trials at Tateyama-oki.