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Yusuke Takahashiニットキャップ・ビーニー「Janette Murray 」Styling looks



高級バッグより先に”一流の黒パンプス”を!至極の”ブランド黒パンプス”徹底比較 | by.S

A men’s 100% polyester kimono from Rumi Rock, here paired with dark tabi and dark-strap geta with a light obi for contrast.  100% poly kimono for men are rather uncommon. Men’s kimono is a much smaller market than women’s, the designs tend to be deplorably dull and to make up for the lack of sales designers tend to produce in cotton or wool and charge full prices. Rumi Rock is apparently a high-class designer so they have done away with expensive material and just gone straigh

Ivory shioze, nagoya obi / アイボリー塩瀬地 緑色の流水お太鼓柄 名古屋帯 #Kimono #Japan

一本歯下駄-総桐手作り 天狗下駄(げた)黒別珍 【日本製】 - 作務衣の通販,販売なら専門店職人の技ひめか

Navy Shioze Nagoya Obi, Bamboo Grass Pattern / 紺塩瀬地 笹竹のお太鼓柄 名古屋帯  【リサイクル着物・アンティーク着物・帯の専門店 あい山本屋】#Kimono #Japan


Yukata 浴衣 もっと見る