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Amagi by Kostas Katseas

IJN Nagato

The 4 Kongo class battleships

IJN Battleship Nagato,1942

14 in battleship Ise pictured immediately post war in August 1945: she was bombed and sunk in shallow water by US Navy aircraft at Kure in July. By this time (like her sister Hyuga, which suffered a similar fate) she was a hybrid, her stern turrets having been removed to make her a quasi-carrier after the serious carrier losses at Midway in 1942.

Japanese battleship Ise on her initial trials in early 1917

IJN aircraft carrier Ryujo!

Mutsu's sister ship IJN Nagato 1920-ish

IJN battleship Nagato

Japanese battleship Ise as rebuilt for the start of the Pacific war.