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14 in battleship Ise pictured immediately post war in August 1945: she was bombed and sunk in shallow water by US Navy aircraft at Kure in July. By this time (like her sister Hyuga, which suffered a similar fate) she was a hybrid, her stern turrets having been removed to make her a quasi-carrier after the serious carrier losses at Midway in 1942.

A fine head-on view of the "teeth" of a capital ship.. the forward turrets of HMS Renown. Also shown to good advantage here are the cumbersome triple 4" mounts either side of the forward superstructure.

IJN aircraft carrier Ryujo!

Forward superstructure and bridge of Battleship Musashi 武蔵

A fine view of the sheer scale and complexity of the big gun turret for a Battleship. In this case, this appears to be a British 15" gun mounting, of the type mounted on R class batlleships, "Queen Elizabeth" class and Renown and Repulse.

USS Iowa Broadside