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Kimono Textile Wall Hanging with Floral BlossomsWall scroll hanging, called “Kakejiku” (掛け軸) in Japanese, made of “Furisode” Motif of chrysanthemum, pine, plum blossom, with embroidery of gold strings, which are happy and lucky items in Japanese culture.


3pcs - Japanese Kimono Gift Card

Japanese paper cards

japanese kimono embroidery

ほのかにグレーみをおびた粋な風情ただよう落ち着いた赤色の地に、凛と枝を伸ばす梅の花枝が織り出された名古屋帯です。(JO'C - I think Japan is a Virgo nation. Everything has to be "just so & perfect." And this lovely picture shows the care & preparation for this photo.


Japanese Stickers Plum Blossoms Flowers Washi Paper (S211) Traditional Design Stickers

Japanese Stickers Plum Blossoms Flowers Washi by FromJapanWithLove, $5.50

Haneri / neckpiece (on a kimono)

Bride's Trousseau 1905. A lovely image of a Japanese Bride, wearing a beautiful Uchikake (outer kimono) decorated with a Bamboo, Pine and Plum Blossom motif, known as the "three friends of winter", an auspicious grouping often associated with the marriage ceremony, the motif represents Mount Horai and the wish for a long and happy life for the new couple. S)..

I think a purple obi would go pretty...compliment the stripe near bottom Kimono Tsujigahana


Japanese Vintage Silk Kimono Fabric - Beautiful Flowers