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Barbas (or Marbas) is a demon described in the Ars Goetia. He is described as the Great President of Hell governing thirty-six legions of demons. He answers truly on hidden or secret things, causes and heals diseases, teaches mechanical arts, and changes men into other shapes. He is depicted as a great lion that, under the conjurer's request, changes shape into a man.

バラム/Balam 40の悪霊軍団を支配する恐怖の王。その姿は雄牛、人、尾羊の三つの頭を持ち、蛇の姿を模した尾をぶら下げ、双眸は鋭い赤き眼光を湛える。凶暴な大熊に跨って現世へと現れる。

アロセス/Alloces 36の悪霊軍団を指揮する強大にして偉大な公爵であり、また一説によると地獄の大男爵ともされる。その姿は燃え盛る瞳を有するライオンの頭を持った、馬に跨った偉丈夫の戦士である。

Flauros , Demon of Goetia aka Haurus , Hauras or Havres . Duke Flauros commands 36 legions of demons . If invoked into the magicians triangle he will give true answers to questions about the past , present and future ;outside the triangle he will lie .He will talk openly about divinity and the creation of the world and he will destroy and burn ones enemies but will protect those that invoke him from temptation , spirits and other dangers .

Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy and sciences, and secret things; he can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, what the mind is, and everything the conjurer wants to know, gives good familiars, dignities and confirms them, binds men to the conjurer's will.

Part two about the daemons evoked by King Solomon, the ones described in Ars Goetia. These 36 out of 72 are not nicer than the first ones.

72 Demons: SOLAS/STOLAS He is a powerful Prince. He comes in a shape of a raven but sometimes he can come in human shape, too. He teaches about astronomy, plants and rocks.

he BUNYIP is a large mythical creature from Australian Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. However, the bunyip appears to have formed part of traditional Aboriginal beliefs and stories throughout Australia, although its name varied tribe to tribe.

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