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Okie I'm reposting the 15 facts about mahself in case you missed em. They'll be down below in the comments :)

I have a boy in my latin class who asks LITTERALLY EVERY CLASS 'are we going to watch a movie??' How annoying can you be..

I laughed at this for 20 minutes

I literally can't stop laughing because I keep imagining Patrick Star and his buns of steel

You do have to consider a few things: 1-this was during the 1940s. It was wartime. Sweets wouldn't have been around as much because it wasn't considered useful to the war effort. 2-The Pevensies had been sent to the country where the lack of sweets would have been even worse 3-Turkish Delight could've been Edmund's absolute favorite treat, and he probably hadn't had it in months, if not more than a year 4-The dang stuff was enchanted to make him want to have more


Less different things Alexander the good enough mediocre decent

all the time, but then after a while i try to focus again and i really struggle and get really worried that i'll be blind for life

I Can’t Unsee It

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