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Lex for Lexington.

The Battle of Gettysburg

Gods and Generals by Mort Kunstler

"Drive Them to Washington" General Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall) leads his brigade at the Battle of 1st Manassas . Contrary to many artistic depictions , Stonewall wore the flat topped cap of the 1840s-50s , this is confirmed by contemporary descriptions of him at the battle.

General Robert E. Lee

WW1. Several Dragoon Guards of the Queen's Bays. -David Doughty (@DavidWDoughty)…

... Heroes and their day at the beach!

Garnett Brigade to Gettysburg. General Garnett was killed leading his brigade and his body was never recovered. Many years later, his sword was purchased in a Baltimore pawn shop.

Frank Schoonover, Belleau Wood (1918)

The 74th Highlanders at the Battle of Assaye, 23rd September 1803 by David Rowlands. Although outnumbered ten to one, General Arthur Wellesley defeated the well trained Mahratta army in one of the fiercest battles in India. It was the first of many victories by the future Duke of Wellington, and the bloodiest for the number, he recalled, that I ever saw.