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講演 #JLPT N2 1. (n) house-cloth / dust cloth 2. (n) node; section; occasion; time 3. (nvs) association of ideas / suggestion 4. (nvs) lecture / address 5. (v5u) to meet by chance / to come across / to happen to encounter / to hold a rendezvous / to have a date 6. lose #japanese #eigo #日本語 #英語 #studyjapanese #learnjapanese

Japanese--my mother tongue, consisting of Hiragana あいうえお, Katakana アイウエオ, and Kanji (Chinese characters) 愛. We even use roman characters. Maybe Kanji makes people to learn Japanese very hard

Japanese green tea container box

標準字設計 / LOGO / Typography II on Behance

No larger size available

No larger size available

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento 熊さんカレー Kawaii bear - great idea for leftover soup/curry - broken link - pic only

These would make a good starter list for Hero to learn.

Birthday game Japanese words arghlblargh! Teach Yourself Japanese complete course