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お付き合いをする前に「うちにおいでよ」と誘ってくる男は世の中に多いもの。 下心がある男、ない男もいますが、誘われたらどう対応するべきでしょうか。男性の家に上がるメリット、デメリットをご紹介します。

Photography | @mtocavents

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星ライト,ライトの夜,夜の裁判所,宇宙のマスター,Untame Aesthetic,Aesthetic Gemini,Space Western,Western Wip,Falling Star

Never be afraid to reach out and take hold of God's promises, even when it seems you'll never reach it

A song with no end when Walt Whitman wrote, "I sing the body electric" I know what he meant I know what he wanted: to be completely alive every moment in spite of the inevitable. we can't cheat death but we can make it work so hard that when it does take us it will have known a victory just as perfect as ours. ~Charles Bukowski

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